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About Us

T IME O UT R ADIO was launched by two guys that are passionate about their genres of music. Michael Hennell, his love of rock and roll and Michael William Park having a life long passion for soul music. ​Internet radio is for everyone around the world to tune into. As we grow we will be open to sponsorship of our live shows and for more information please contact us via the contact p​age of this website. We will cover all types of music so there is something for everyone. We'll lift you up, relax you, energize you, take you back to times gone by. Everyone loves music, it has no age or class barriers.Tune into Timeout Radio where ever you are and enjoy our music journey.

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You can also Listen to T​imeOutRadio from your Internet Radio, Sonos System, mobile phone or iPad.

iOS or Android. Just search Google or Apple apps for timeoutradio.

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